– Amazon Prime is Over-the-top streaming platform, rental service and subscription based video-on demand for users queries. Amazon Prime Video is also known as Prime Video. When you purchase prime subscription, you can watch Amazon original or Exclusives with the web shows, Movies, videos, content add-ons, live sporting programs etc.

To access a full prime subscription. You should take care of a few Points

  • You must have Amazon Mytv activation code.
  • Must have a Amazon Prime account.
  • Must have a fast and reliable internet connection.

Process To Create Amazon Prime Account With Amazon Com Mytv Code

In order to, follow all process to Create Amazon Prime Account With Amazon Com Mytv Code. Follow all process given below:

  1. Turn on your TV and click on the Amazon Prime option.
  2. Go to “” URL.
  3. Click on “Start here” option.
  4. Now, you will be redirect on “Create an account” and “Sign-in” screen.
  5. For first time user, fill personal details like name, email, password, mobile number, country or regioun etc.
  6. For existing user, log-in your account with email or mobile number.
  7. After that, 6 digit Amazon prime mytv enter code.
  8. Now, your Amazon Mytv and enter code will be checked once you hit the next screen.
  9. The Amazon prime account process is successfully completed.

Procedure To Activate Prime Video through

Let’s follow all the procedure given below to Activate Prime Video on your Smart TV.

  1. Launch your smart Tv screen and visit channel store.
  2. Add to channels first.
  3. To download prime video app, search prime video.
  4. Open prime video app on your TV and sign-in with Amazon prime account.
  5. You will receive Amazon mytv enter code on TV by registered account.
  6. Note: copy or save the code on a per to remember.
  7. In the address bar, type ‘ mytv’ in it and hit the Enter key.
  8. Click on sign-in and access your account.
  9. Now, put 6 digit amazon mytv enter code.
  10. Hit on the continue.
  11. After verify product code, your smart tv will be link with your registered account.
  12. Finally, Amazon prime activation process successfully completed.

How Can I Directly Access Amazon Prime Account On Smart TV

Once the Amazon Prime account is created, Amazon Prime Video has to be activated which is the most important thing, for this you have to open Smart TV. After that you can go to to know the instructions to activate Prime Video on Smart TV. After completing all the process you have to verify the code on mytv enter my code and after that your account will be verified.  After completing all these processes, you can easily take advantage of the entertainment service.

  1. Turn on your smart TV.
  2. Download prime video app via device store.
  3. Access your account from “amazoncom/mytv”.
  4. Double tap to open prime video app.
  5. Do sign-in process.
  6. From TV screen, you will receive Amazon com mytv code.
  7. Enter the code on
  8. Click on “Next” or “Continue”.
  9. Soon you will receive a message on your TV.
  10. Finally, enjoy and watch unlimited content.